Benefits of Computer Networking

Although each business has its own unique requirements, most businesses share several common ones:  the need to share files, printers, and increasingly... Internet access.  These services are most effectively provided through the use of a local area computer network (LAN).  Grace Office Associates will custom build the exact computers your office needs and link them together.  Benefits of networking are:

  • File Sharing
    Files may be shared by several employees, but access can be restricted as necessary.
  • Printer & Equipment Sharing
    Printers and other peripherals, such as scanners, may be located and made accessible according to need.  Grace Office Associates has extensive experience in setting up access for the most effective use of available printers.
  • Internet Sharing
    Internet and e-mail access may be provided and controlled as necessary.
  • Remote Access
    Employees can dial in to your network from home or other remote locations to access the necessary files and applications to work offsite with the installation of a Virtual Private Network (VPN).


Enjoy Improved Productivity

We at Grace Office Associates know you would prefer to focus on doing what you do best rather than concern yourself with maintaining your own computer systems.  We strongly believe that people define a business.  The people in your business determine whether your business is just good or extraordinary.  Given the appropriate tools, you and your employees will work together more productively and efficiently.  This is where Grace Office Associates can make a true difference in the success of your business.  An expertly planned system allows everyone in your office to work smarter, not harder.  We'll make sure that the system that serves your current needs can grow easily and efficiently as your office needs change.


Gain a Competitive Edge

Computer networks can open up a world of new opportunities for any business.  Small businesses may now enjoy the same communication benefits that larger businesses have enjoyed for years.  You know that your clients expect fast answers from you.  In a traditional office, productivity can break down if your employees are away from their desktop tools.  More and more businesses are finding a renewed sense of employee productivity and loyalty by offering remote access.  Remote access allows an employee to continue conducting business; the location no longer matters.

Out of town meetings or other absences no longer mean time lost at the office.  Your employee's location remains transparent to your clients, making it business as usual.  Employees may retrieve files and communicate quickly with your office through e-mail.  Imagine the cost and time saved, as well as the benefits of avoiding the inconveniences of copying disks to be mailed and paper faxes.

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