Product Selection

For most systems and networks, we use Microsoft products because we have found that they provide a better-integrated solution than others we have tested.  In addition, Microsoft products are widely used and provide a common ground for communicating effectively not only among individuals in your own office, but with other businesses as well.  Grace Office Associates specializes in PCs and the Windows operating system, and we will usually recommend Microsoft products for use in your networked environment.  If your business has a mixture of systems such as Macs and/or Unix systems, we will work with our partner specialists to provide a complete integrated systems solution.  Below is our most popular networking solution for small businesses:

Windows NT/2000 Server and Small Business Server
The only network operating system that delivers fast files and print capabilities, ease of use, and excellent applications support.  This system is also communications and Internet ready at an affordable price.  Windows Servers are less expensive than other equivalent client/server systems and are easier to use and manage.  At the same time, a Windows network is capable of growing seamlessly to meet your changing business needs.

At Grace Office Associates, we also have experience with other popular brands of software and hardware including APC, Hewlett Packard, Intel, 3Com, Lucent, and more.


Installation and Service without Interruption

Grace Office Associates works closely with your business to develop an in-depth understanding of your individual concerns and needs.  Together, we will determine the best system goals for your business.  We diligently work to serve your computing needs with a minimum of interruption. When the time comes to install or service your network system, we will work when it is most convenient for your business, including weeknights and weekends.  


Partner with Grace for Success

Grace Office Associates wants to be your computer specialist partner.  Partnering with an experienced solutions provider will obviously cost a little more than purchasing products alone.  However, we believe that you'll quickly agree that your costs are completely recovered once you experience the newfound efficiency and productivity of your daily office routines.  Better yet, we are prepared to resolve any complications quickly and efficiently.  The continued presence of a highly skilled and trained computer professional will ensure that your time is spent focused on running your business, not running your computer systems.  Grace Office Associates can put your mind at ease by having us perform routine maintenance to avoid unnecessary complication in the future.


Maintaining Success

Computer systems are wonderful tools for business of all types today; however, they are not always infallible.  Like any other machine, computer systems and related equipment will need service from time to time.  For this reason, it is critical that all data sources be backed up in the event of a failure.  A network with a server can be used as central point to automatically back-up user files.  Grace Office Associates will set up your network system to ensure the best protection for recovery of your data in the event of a system emergency.  Let Grace Office Associates provide the solutions your business needs to maintain success.

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